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Eleanor and Louis at Jay and Dan’s wedding (x)

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Eleanor. | via Tumblr em We Heart It.

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  Anonymous :    "Do u know if Eleanor and Louis broke up ? I'm just curious cause I read somewhere that they broke up today. ☺️☺️"

no they didn’t breakup :)

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  Anonymous :    "Where do you think eleanor gets all these clothes from?? I'm pretty sure it's all pretty expensive and she has great style and all but... And I know she works as a model for Hollister or something but still... Btw you blog is great!"

i heard that she comes from a rich family but idk, and the model thing is not true! thanks babe x

  Anonymous :    "Eleanor's name on Instagram is EleanorJ92 and Louis is LouisT91"


  Anonymous :    "Your blog is great you seem like a lovely person... But have you ever looked at a larry blog? -larry shipper:)"

thank you, yes i have i’m actually not a hater to larry nor larry shippers :)x



eleanor + fav pic’s


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  larrys-birds :    "Post ur icon maybe? :)"

  amanda-the-dork :    "I lub ju❤️"

does this mean i love you? lol