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  Anonymous :    "Where do you think eleanor gets all these clothes from?? I'm pretty sure it's all pretty expensive and she has great style and all but... And I know she works as a model for Hollister or something but still... Btw you blog is great!"

i heard that she comes from a rich family but idk, and the model thing is not true! thanks babe x

  Anonymous :    "Eleanor's name on Instagram is EleanorJ92 and Louis is LouisT91"


  Anonymous :    "Your blog is great you seem like a lovely person... But have you ever looked at a larry blog? -larry shipper:)"

thank you, yes i have i’m actually not a hater to larry nor larry shippers :)x



eleanor + fav pic’s


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  larrys-birds :    "Post ur icon maybe? :)"

  amanda-the-dork :    "I lub ju❤️"

does this mean i love you? lol

  boombalo :    "I don't really understand why do people believe in Larry... They just very good friends! And Louis likes to spend his time with Harry as more as with Eleanor. I think Elounor is a good couple <3 they really look cute and happy being together :)"

amen to that


Thank you Tokyo for giving us a selfie and a Halloween picture, thank you.

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i’m really sorry for the people who asked for inspired outfits i just don’t do them anymore. x

  Anonymous :    "Ew, Eleanor."

Ew, anon.

  1dchampions :    "I've heard of sooo many elounor turning into larry shipper but never larry shipper into elounor shippers.... You know why? Because once you see the love between Louis and Harry, you know it has to be real."

what love are you talking about? if larry are in love they would be together and louis wouldn’t fake a relationship!!